Day 1 – The start – 2 years to change my life!

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Am I completely mad?

This is why people have New Year’s resolutions, not the week before Xmas.

But it is my 38th birthday today. Six days before Xmas. I blame my parents.

This is officially Day 1 of my two year challenge to a better me.

I am fairly new to this blogging stuff, so I’m still trying to think of the best way to report on my progress each week. Probably an update on each goal is going to be best. Just warning you this might change over time.

The background

If you have landed on this blog and wondering what this is all about, check out my ‘Journey to 40: I don’t want to get old’ post.

In short, the thought of reaching 40 scares the hell out of me. This is all about my two year journey to 40 years old, and making some pretty big changes in my life along the way. I have put these changes into 4 big journey goals with the aim of reporting progress each week. These are:


Something I have struggled with for over a decade. A pretty big goal that I will break down into manageable chunks.


I'm not looking for perfection but really want to be fitter than my children. I wouldn't say no to a more defined body.

Professional development

I feel a little lost and need something to strive for in my work life.

Engage in social media

I have started and would really like to dedicate some time to growing. Documenting this journey will help keep me on track as I reach that scary age milestone.

Come with me on my journey and I hope to inspire yours.

So this really is Day 1.

Obviously I don’t have any progress to report today. But given these are pretty long term goals, I need to start thinking about the baby steps I am going to make each week to help me on my way to the big prize.

So let’s start with weight.


If I am going to challenge myself and ensure I build on the discipline I lack, I am going to have to make some bold choices. The first is being honest with myself and you guys about my weight. Well I guess more than my weight. I will try to share all my weight and key measurements. If I can build up enough courage I might start adding body pictures of myself. Hopefully this will show some real visual progress over time.

I know it’s probably not something you (or quite frankly I) want to see. But I have to try to change my mental outlook on this. The long and short of it is I am fat/obese and I need to lose weight.

So before I go setting my first mini-goals let’s check out my starting position.

My key stats

Height5ft 8in / 172cmThis is not likely to change, so I’m not going to show this stat again
Weight17st 2lb (2450lb) / 109kgAt 30 years old I was just over 16 stone (still too heavy)
Waist48in / 122cmNot good – puts me in a very high risk category
Chest48in / 122cm 
Leg (thigh)24in / 61cmAlways had solid leg muscles. I wouldn’t expect this to change much.
Arm (upper)15.7in / 40cmI would like to actually increase this through toning/muscle gain over the 2 years

Let’s be realistic, it’s less than a week until Xmas. There will be roast dinner, puddings, cake and many many nibbles. It’s just how we do Xmas.


I think I can be a little sensible.

As I wrote in my first post, I think I have two big problems to tackle:

  • Snacking (a lot) between meals and the evening
  • Portion sizes

I am not going to invest in a diet method or be joining any weight loss programmes. I think I need to look into monitoring my calorie intake on a daily basis.

So this week’s challenge is STOP SNACKING!!!  (so much)

I will report back in a week and let’s see what happens over Xmas. 


I blame my children!

I don’t really, but before children I was quite fit. Then everything went downhill from there. Yes, I know it’s all my fault. But people don’t like to blame themselves.

In the last month I have actually got out with the family and done a bit of walking. It’s been good to get some fresh air. However the fitness I am talking about is raising the heart rate, burning some calories and evening toning up.

My wife tells me the children (well a couple of them) would probably like to try and run with me. That is probably not a bad idea so this week I am going to try and get a run in. Being overweight I am sure there are better, less impacting on the body, things I could be doing but I used to enjoy my running (when I was a teenager!!).

Check out my next post to see if that actually happened!

In addition to aerobic exercise I would like to get and bit of muscle definition once I get rid of some of the fat hiding my muscles. So I am going to start basic and do some of the exercises my son does for is rugby training. Not sure of the reps yet (read my 1 week update for more on that), but let’s start small and build up.

I think I will do some sit-ups, press-ups, burpees (is that how you write it?), and I don’t know what else. I would like to try these daily!

So I think that will be it for my goals for the coming week:

  • A short run
  • Some daily toning sets/reps

Professional development

I find myself in a bit of an impasse.

I know I need to do something, just don’t know what.

I am working on a few options for potentially different roles within the same company I work for. If I am honest I am not sure what direction my career is or should take in 2021. I just know that I need something that is going to give me real focus for 2021.

In addition I have found this website to help me gain some real insight and knowledge into the area I work in. I have signed up and going to work through some online training over the next couple of weeks.

So I think the only real end of the year mini-goal here is complete some e-learning modules.

Engage in social media

I really think this in the wrong statement for my overall goal. Longer term I want to see if I can build a bit of an online brand.

I have posted a few DIY type posts. And this is my 2nd in a long line of my Journey to 40 series.

Right now, the focus is to build a bit of an online presence to help drive the longer term goal of building an online brand.

So I think I will rename my two year goal to be better representative of what I am trying to achieve.

I would say that I have made a good start already.

I have already chosen the name, purchased the domain name and created a simple blogging website (you are on the website now).

Losing some weight and increasing my fitness will be an obvious change to my family. Driving my professional development and more so building my online presence, not so much. In fact, right now I haven’t shared this with my family. I am still very embarrassed about writing a blog. Especially writing about that fact that I am scared about turning 40 and that I feel I need to do these things.

So for now, it’s my little secret.

And as a result, I am just DIY Dad. Mr Anonymous

So I think my mini-goal for the next couple of week is to try and work on a template for my future blog posts and try and tidy up the blog site. 

My week 1 mini-goals

So a quick sum up on this week’s mini-goals (tasks)

  • STOP SNACKING!!! (so much)
  • A short run
  • Some daily toning sets/reps
  • Complete some e-learning modules
  • Work on a template for my future blog posts
  • Tidy up the blog site

And all before Xmas!

So there you have it. This is my starting point. My day 1.

Only 725 days to go!

Check out my next post to see how I got on in my first week of my journey to 40.

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