Week 4 – I’m not going to quit my resolutions!

Week 4 - Resolutions - Title Image

11th – 17th Jan 2021

I think this coming week is going to be the important one for my goals. Two full weeks into January.

Apparently 92% of all new year resolutions are broken after just 2 weeks. I saw a stat somewhere online, but don’t quote me on it.

So right now, I am in the top 8% in the world!

This is certainly a marathon and not a sprint. I have a long long way to go.

The background

If you have landed on this blog and wondering what this is all about, check out my ‘Journey to 40: I don’t want to get old’ post.

In short, the thought of reaching 40 scares the hell out of me. This is all about my two year journey to 40 years old, and making some pretty big changes in my life along the way. I have put these changes into 4 big journey goals with the aim of reporting progress each week. These are:

healthy eating

Something I have struggled with for over a decade. A pretty big goal that I will break down into manageable chunks.

improve my Fitness

I'm not looking for perfection but really want to be fitter than my children. I wouldn't say no to a more defined body.

Drive my Professional development

I feel a little lost and need something to strive for in my work life.

Build an online presence

I have started this and would really like to dedicate some time to growing an online brand. Documenting my journey will help keep me on track as I reach that scary age milestone.

Come with me on my journey and I hope to inspire yours.

What has been going on this week?

So the second full week of the year is complete. It is already starting to feel like the Xmas break was months ago. The children are falling back into home schooling (for the younger two, remote learning for the older two). I’m trying to keep the focus up with my work. The new project I have is giving me some of that focus – more on that later.

why is my wifi so bad?

A bit of a random section. I just wanted an opportunity to rant about a technical problem I am having.

The heading is not strictly true. It’s either really good, for our area. Or it’s really bad. There doesn’t seem to be any in-between.

And what is more annoying, is when myself and the children are having video call during the day/week it generally holds up pretty well. When the kids have gone to bed and you want to stream something, it suddenly buffers.

Now before you say it, I am fairly technical so checked all of the usual things. I don’t actually think it is the broadband coming into the property. I bet if I connected a device via a cable to our router it wouldn’t drop. It’s the router’s WIFI capability. And not just the distance of a device from the router.

One of the task list next week to call the provider and see if there is anything else they suggest.

Right, let’s get onto progress around my goals.

Healthy eating

Week 4 Calorie In-take Screenshot
This shows my latest calorie intake each day during Week 4 of my journey

I would actually say it’s been another good week with this goal.

I’ve actually got right into this calorie tracking and so far keeping to it.

I have been very temped to have a little more than I should for lunch or sneak a snack in the evening. But I haven’t. So, really proud of myself.

Here is the results of this week.

Each day I am coming under my calorie target for each day. I’m actually not far from the standard recommended daily intake for men. 1900 calories.

Lets look at my stats

Last Week
This week
Weight 108.4kg / 17st 1lb 16st 13 lb / 107.4kg
Waist 47.5in / 120.5cm 47in / 119.5cm
Chest 47in / 119.5cm 46.5in / 118cm
Leg (thigh) 24in / 61cm 24.3in / 61.5cm
Arm (upper) 15.8in / 40cm Left bicep – 15.4in / 39cm Right bicep – 15.75in / 40cm

I have lost another 1kg!!!

I am officially under 17st. I know it’s only a couple of lbs, but it doesn’t matter. It’s in the right direction and a very sensible weight loss pace.

I seem to have lost ½ an inch around the waist too. I say ‘seem to have lost’, because I am not sure on my measurements. I certainly don’t visibly see any difference in my appearance yet.

The chest, legs and arm measures I am still not sure are right or consistently measured in the right place/way. I am not taking too much notice of these at the moment. As the weight comes off I might seek some help with more focused toning/conditioning. Not yet though.

More of the same next week please.

improve my fitness

A ‘reasonably’ good week for exercise this week. Check out the plan and the output below.

MonToning Exercises

This was supposed to be toning exercises day but I needed a full rest day. Pushing it too much with a run and toning exercises for the first time on Sunday really put a strain on the body. A realisation that I am not getting any younger!

TueRun 1

1.64 miles | 17:34 | Av Pace 10:43 | Calories burned: 315 | Conditions: Dark, Dry, Cold
My little circuit around the block. It was hard today but I pushed through.

WedToning Exercises

This was difficult. It was my first proper toning session.
I followed the plan, but couldn’t actually complete the second set of the triceps exercise. Clearly I am doing something wrong or just have no muscles here.

ThuRun 2

1.75 miles | 18:47 | Av Pace 10:45 | 336 Calories burned | Conditions: Dark, Dry, Cold
I did a slightly different route today as the wife had me run an errand to the shop at the end of my run. Actually ended up running a little further. The pace was a tad slower, so something to work on.

FriToning Exercises

Workout on a Friday!
It’s really hard to go through your exercises at the end of a working week. But I did complete all of the exercises this time. Triceps exercise was still very hard, but I completed both sets.

SatRun 3

1.63 miles | 16:44 | Av Pace 10:14 | Calories burned: 308 | Conditions: Day, Dry, Cold
Not sure what happened today. I started the run thinking this is going to be very hard work. I even wanted to start walking half way round. Let’s hope this continues and is not just an error on the app. It’s interesting how the calories burned is calculated though. Same distance as Tuesday, just 50 seconds faster. So I burned less calories. Maybe that’s right?

SunRun or Toning Exercises

So I did consider a toning exercise day, but again my body was feeling it a little today. I think after a good solid 5 days of exercise (6 if I had done something on Monday), I should include a day of rest in there. So that’s what I am going to do going forward. Generally Sunday will be my dad of rest from the timetabled exercise. If I get into my son’s rugby, this will be some exercise on Sunday too.

So the distance I am running is not the longest in the world but for me it is still hard work. I spoke to my dad today and embarrassingly he is going out for 5-6 mile runs 3 days a week. His average pace is quicker than me too. Something to aim for over the coming weeks/months.

I do want to increase the distance a little more, so going to put in a slightly longer route this coming week. Somewhere around 1.75 – 1.8 miles I think. I hope to try and keep that pace I set on the Saturday.

I did get in a couple of the toning sessions this week. They are not very long, but still hard work and cause me to sweat. Sweating is not hard for me!

I do a 6 min warm up. Then what is supposed to be a 10 min toning workout (more like 20 mins), followed by a 5 min stretch. I might write a separate blog about these and the reps I am currently doing. The idea is getting used to all the exercises and increase the reps for each set, over time. I can also increase the resistance band weight if I need to.

Lots of scope for improvement. The problem areas for me are knees, shoulders and triceps. I really struggle with the reps here.

It’s just a case of more of the same and keeping it up each day. I am going to use Sunday as the rest day going forward though. My body does need to recover.

driving my Professional development

I think I have slipped back into that old habit again!

I didn’t complete my week 4 goal this week of focusing on more online learning. I lost a little focus during the working days too.

I was focusing a lot on the new project I have been given. It is good to get my teeth into something else, but I do need to make sure I am still spending a little time on that professional development piece.

A role has come up on our internal intranet that I am interested in. I can’t really hang around too much as these type of roles do get snapped up quick. I need to read into the role and decide if it’s something I really want to do. It would require a possible location change. While that isn’t an issue at the moment because the location would be my home office (aka, the bedroom), that will change. The challenge would then be travelling to a remote office. Something for me to think about.

So, next week….

I need to pick up that mini goal from the previous week and try to put together a bit of a professional development plan.

Building an online presence

You can see a theme coming along here.

If I recall, my goal for this week was to start putting together a bit of a plan around what building my online presence would look like.

That didn’t happen!

Looking back on the week I could have used some of my sitting around watching TV time. But I didn’t. It’s not that I don’t want to progress this, but I feel like if I do it will involve sneaking around.

So I have got to focus on this next week. I have given myself a few admin tasks to be getting on with now. Let’s see how I get on.

What are my week 5 tasks/mini-goals?

Ok, so I have set myself the following:

  • More of the same on the calorie tracking
  • See if I can follow a full week of fitness training following my schedule
  • Put together a bit of a professional development plan
  • Try to actually put together a plan around build my online presence

Speak soon everyone.


Title image created by myself 
Data images – screenshots from apps I am using to track my progress. App include MapMyRun / Weight Loss from NHS 

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